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Passion and Experience

Cascella’s Passion
Driven by passion and experience. Danilo Cascella, is pursuing a lifelong project that began in the '60s inspired by his parents Umberto and Fiorella; founders of the famous stores CASCELLA.

Danilo Cascella is a great "connoisseur" of fashion with an original and creative gift. Danilo has a unique talent to select and match different clothes and accessories that result in a variety of eclectic ideas. These ideas reflect a desire of exaggeration, sensuality and excitement.

In 2017, Cascella will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Porto Cervo store. Once again the success that Danilo has had cannot be denied. He has proven to be a great ambassador of fashion throughout different times along the years.

"Cascella is proud to announce that innovation is its highest goal and offering high quality shopping experience its core."


Customer service

In order to make your shopping experience more enjoyable we offer our services in stores as well as online. You can find us online at www.Cascella.org where we provide the highest shopping experience available. Our customer service stands out due to our personal approach and our careful selection of unique items.

Would like to receive more information about Cascella.org ? Do not hesitate to contact our team at :

Email: accounting.web@cascella.org

Phone: +39 0854214107

SKYPE: CascellaWeb

Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 CET (excluding public holidays recognized in Italy)


Our Fashion selection

Fashion Design Store

Cascella’s boutiques offer an unpublished collection of about 140 carefully selected companies from around the world. Designs that reflect Cascella’s views and passion. Cascella brings to you fashion from design.